WordPress + React

How to build React apps on top of the WordPress REST API

WordPress is a powerful content management tool. But when it comes to developing on top of it, can be quite frustrating. WordPress’s crazy mixture of HTML and PHP loops can often prove unintuitive to grasp and hard to maintain. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, though! Starting with version 4.7, WordPress comes with a built-in REST API, and plugins are no longer required. This makes it easier to use WordPress strictly as a backend data storage or CMS, while allowing for a totally custom front end solution of your choice. Learn more…

How to create a modern web app using WordPress and React

Want the advantages of a modern React SPA, but need a back-end that feels familiar? In this article, we’ll go through how to set-up WordPress’s REST API, including custom posts types and fields, and how to fetch this data inside React. Learn more…

Get a blog on your website with React and WordPress API

I’ve read a lot of articles in the last few months, and have noticed that many had disclaimers saying that the post was originally posted on a personal blog. I’ve written a few articles and wanted to increase my exposure, so I decided that I wanted to have a blog on my site as well. But how to do it? Learn more…

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  • Frontity is an open source framework for developing WordPress themes using ReactJS— the same JavaScript library that WP is using for Gutenberg. Learn more…
  • WordPress starter theme with React.js integrated. Learn more…
  • Black hawk is a REST API powered WordPress theme which uses the React Javascript library by Facebook for its front end rendering. All the data is fetched using WordPress REST API and rendered using React. Learn more…
  • I wanted to play with the shiny new WP-REST-API, explore es6 and transpiling, and finally work on a full project using React+Redux. I wrote a bit about the journey on my blog. I’ll update more about the process as I complete the To Do list below. Learn more…
  • Using ReactJS with WordPress – Tutorials. Learn more…

Design Systems

Design Systems Repo

A frequently updated collection of Design System examplesarticlestools and talks.

Design Systems Handbook

This book guides readers through best practices around planning, designing, building, and implementing a design system, with insights and first-hand experiences from experts who have gone through the journey. Learn more…

United States Web Design System

USWDS provides design guidelines and code to help you quickly create trustworthy, accessible, and consistent digital government services. Learn more…

Состояние доменной зоны Прибалтики за август 2019

  • Модуль сканирования выявил 458 зараженных веб-сайтов в Литве (21 с дефейсом), 297 в Латвии (21 с дефейсом), 191 в Эстонии (15 с дефейсами). Сайт считается зараженным, если он попадает в один из списков баз данных (Virustotal, Spamhaus, PhishTank и т.д.)
  • WordPress остается ведущей CMS для создания веб-сайтов, он занимает более 80% рынка. Только 34% доступных сайтов в Прибалтике имеют действительный сертификат SSL.
  • Данные списка доменов взяты из сервиса Domains-Index. Анализ был подготовлен сервисом WebTotem.

Научный центр оперативного мониторинга Земли

Научный центр оперативного мониторинга Земли (НЦ ОМЗ) осуществляет планирование космической съемки, прием, регистрацию, обработку, каталогизацию, архивацию, распространение космической информации с российских и зарубежных космических аппаратов дистанционного зондирования Земли (ДЗЗ).

Utah Data Center

The Utah Data Center, code-named Bumblehive, is the first Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cyber-security Initiative (IC CNCI) data center designed to support the Intelligence Community’s efforts to monitor, strengthen and protect the nation. Our Utah “massive data repository” is designed to cope with the vast increases in digital data that have accompanied the rise of the global network… Learn more…

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